Travel Apps

AntiguaCapuchinasSome of my favorite travel apps are below. I use these on Apple products on iOS, but many can be found on other platforms. If you have others to recommend, please let me know! Looking for scuba/dive focused app recommendations? You will find these here.

  • Countdown+ Event Reminders Lite – This countdown calendar makes your trip approach fun. You can customize your screen to show a photo from your destination, etc. I like how it integrates easily with my calendar as well as Facebook. The badge option shows the “days until” countdown.
  • GlobeConvert – I love this app because I can simply enter a type of conversion (currency, distance, speed, volume, etc.) and quickly see the conversion. Americans, you need this since (basically) the rest of the world measures a different way than we do!
  • loungebuddy – This app will let you know where the club lounges are located within the airports of your choice and if you are not already a member, what the cost is to use.
  • Translator with Speech Pro – Brilliant. Type in the phrase you want translated and you can hear the pronunciation as well as the written translation. You can even speak your phrase and translate from there. A little trick: type in any common phrases you might need before your trip. Then, you can snap a picture of the translations and keep that for when you might need it in a pinch.
  • Uber – Most major cities in the U.S. now have Uber as their premier car service. It costs just a small amount more than a taxi but the service is well worth this added expense. You’ll easily be able to see how closer your drive is and they will find you easily though the GPS on your app. Since all charges are billed directly to your credit card, you do not need to worry about tipping or showing your actual card upon pickup.
  • Wikihood – Want to see what notable sights are nearby? This app recognizes your GPS location and helps tells you what is nearby.
  • XE Currency Pro – This app show you current currency exchange rates. It will help you see quickly if you are receiving a fair exchange when you change your money. You simply select the currency of your choice to compare.
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