Packing Essentials


Depending on individual travel style, the differentiation between a “necessity” and “luxury” item can certainly vary. I do not actually have many actual necessities when I travel, but I do have several nice-to-have items that whenever possible, I take with me. These are my packing essentials. If you have other recommendations, let me know!

  • Disposable Facial Cloths – I have been using Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths for years. Hotels rarely provide enough washcloths and in a hostel, you may be lucky just to find a bar of soap. These lightweight dry cloths already have gentle cleanser that foams when wet so no need to declare with your liquids and gels at the airport.
  • Lip Sun Protection – My favorite is Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 50. I love this lip balm whether I’m in the city or at the beach and I generally carry a few with me at all times, especially on dive boats where you forget how much sun exposure there is.
  • Face Sun Protection – Neutrogena is my go-to brand for facial sunblock. This SPF70 cream is light and doesn’t irritate my skin or block my pores. The bottle is compact and easy to toss in a dry bag or daypack.
  • Solid Shampoo – I like Lush solid cosmetics, especially their cinnamon shampoo bar since it helps me reduce the amount of liquids I need to carry. This shampoo lathers exceptionally well, even in a cold water showers, and it smells delicious.
  • Compression Socks – I have owned basic graduated compression socks from Travelon but my preference recently has been the patterned styles from Sockwell since they’re more feminine and fun. With pants, any variety is relatively discreet and the benefits outweigh any nuisance of having to wear these. They have saved my feet from swelling several times.
  • Travel Flashlight – My preferred model is by Nitecore. Try to find one that is lightweight and uses standard batteries that are easy to replace. A compact flashlight is useful during power outages, illuminating hiking trails and for walks back to your room after dark.
  • Plastic Zipper Bags – I bring a few Ziploc bags in different sizes with me on trips since they roll up super small and are feather light. These can save your passport or paper money if you are caught in the rain, protect your electronics from the bottle of liquid hand cream you packed in the same bag or keep food crumbs contained if you decide to open that granola bar. They have saved me on more than one occasion.
  • RFID Sleeves – With increased technology comes increased security concern. RFID chips are becoming more common in credit cards, passports and driver’s licenses, especially in the US. A set of inexpensive RFID sleeves can help protect those cards from having their personal information swiped without your knowledge. This is especially important in congested areas such as trains or shopping centers. Remember to get the appropriate size for your need (e.g., passport or credit card size). Another option would be an RFID protected wallet but those do cost more than the sleeves themselves.
  • Bug Repellent – I do not tend to travel with liquid or spray repellent due to airline carry-on restrictions so when Ben’s Wipes were recommended to me, I had to give them a try. They worked wonderfully. I like that they are individually wrapped and the packages do not carry a smell. To get the most out of them in my cabin, I used the wipe then left the open wrapper and used wipe on the nightstand near my bed to deter any creepy crawlies. Keep in mind that these have a high (30%) DEET content so you do need to be very careful and just use them when necessity warrants and wash your hands after use.
  • Laundry Color Protecting Sheets – This is a genius little product by Shout. These lightweight paper-like sheets absorbs any color transfer (“bleeding”) in the laundry washing process. If you are going to be traveling for a while and need to have your clothes laundered, this allows various colors to be washed together to minimize the loads you need (and hence, reduces cost). You may have to explain what these are if you plan to send out your laundry, though.
  • Spork – The CRKT Eat’n Tool is a multipurpose eating utensil that doubles as a bottle opener, screwdriver and wrench. It comes with a small carabiner that hooks easily inside a backpack. It is lightweight but still metal and I did have to explain its purpose as I sent my carryon through Taipei airport security. That was the only time I had any issues though.
  • Humidity-Control Hairspray – I do not always pack hairspray but I do have all of my girlfriends hooked on Garnier Fructis UV Color Shield Anti-Humidity Hairspray. This stuff is great – color protecting, perfect control, but not stiff or heavy – a little is all it takes. My only problem is that I have yet to find a travel size.
  • Nail Care – I use Essie almost exclusively now. Their “No Chips Ahead” top coat is long-lasting even when worn alone. I finish my color with “Good To Go” super fast nail drying top coat because it seals my polish as a hard gloss. Sure, you can get a polish change or pedicure in many destinations, but to save money, bring your own bottle – it makes touch-ups easier too.
  • Long-Lasting Cosmetics – I generally do not take much makeup with me when I travel, but someone once told me that eyeliner and lipstick can make you feel fabulous even when you are far from home. My favorite liners are Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof (Taupe and Espresso) but I prefer lip sun protectant over lipstick any day.
  • Flat-Iron/Curling Iron Cover – Girls, how many times have you needed to pack but your iron still wasn’t cool? This protects your bag contents when you are in a hurry and can not wait. Several companies manufacture these, but I prefer Vera Bradley so my luggage organization items match. And yes, a flat iron is indeed my luxury item. We all have our priorities.
  • Passport Holder – I’ve tried a variety but so far, I like Vera Bradley the best because it is a light but stylish wallet folio with see-through ID slot and pocket for additional documents such as a boarding pass or immunization record. Items and patterns tend to change in Vera Bradley collections so you need to keep an eye out for this item in case it is out of rotation. I always get compliments on these. As technology changes, items like RFID security sleeves are becoming more important also.
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